Working hours and visiting rules.

To insure public order and safety all visitors and staff of the Museum and Exhibition Сenter Kirovsk Branch of JSC Apatit (hereinafter referred as the Center) must follow the rules.

  • Working hours and visiting rules.*
    Entrance to the Center and all its services are free for all ages.
    Children under 16 must be accompanied by adults.
    The Center works daily from 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.
    Final entry time is 8.00 p.m.
    Every last Friday of a month The Center is closed in the sanitary day.

  • Guided tours.
    Guided tours should be booked in advance.
    To book a guided tour please call 881531-32887 or use our website form.
    Tours conducted exclusively by the guides of the Center according to the rules and schedule.
    Video recprding is allowed only by guide approval.
    A guided tour might be shifted or canceled upon the Center management decision.
    In case of the tour shift or cancellation the Center will contact you.
  • It’s allowed to:
    - attend all Center exhibitions during its working hours (except Hall №2 of the expositions “Everyday Life and Customs of the Russian Empire” and “The Journey from the Bowels of the Earth to the Atmosphere”. These expositions can be visited only with the Center guide);
    - take pictures and shoot videos of the Center Halls;
    - rent audio guides; audio guides must be returned before 8.45 p.m.;
    - visit the souvenir shop (open daily till
  • It’s forbidden to:
    - enter wearing outwear (including furcoats, sheepskin coats, jakets, coats, rain coats, windbreakers, sport jackets);
    - conduct guided tour to any group;
    - be in the Center under the influence of alcohol, drugs or toxic substances;
    - wear dirty clothers or work uniform/ shoes;
    - bring backpack or bags greater than 40×40×20 cm;
    - use a stroller from the street;
    - enter working and restricted areas without permission;
    - bring food or drink;
    - eat and drink outside the cafe;
    - touch showcases, models and exhibits except sensor exhibits and specially marked model buttons.
    - lean to the showcases;
    - bring pyrotechnic, inflammable, poisonous, toxic substances;
    - use any open fire, pyrotechnic devices (fireworks, crackers and etc);
    - bring firearms, cutting, piercing and breackable objects;
    - enter with animals of any sizes;
    - smoke or use electronic cigarettes (or vape) in the Center;
    - damage any exhibit and equipment;
    - leave litter and dirt in the Center;
    - draw on the walls;
    - run in the Center;
    - insult or physically assault other visitors and the staff;
    - ride roller skates. scooters, bikes and etc;
    - break the silence and disturb public order.

Please respect our guides and turn your mobiles on the silent mode or switch they off.

  • In case of violation.
    Visitors who don’t comply the rules will be removed from the Center.
    If they commit illegal actions they will be brought to administrative/criminal/civil liability in accordance with the current laws of the Russian Federation.
    Police or the Center security will remove these visitors from the Center.
    The damage act is drawn to in presence of person who caused the damage to property. Compensation for damage is carried out the manner prescribed by applicable law of the Russian Federation.
  • Administration retains the right to:
    - deny admission to the exhibitions or tours without explanation;
    - change the Center working time;
    - recording video inside the Center in order to ensure security;
    - allow or prohibit professional photo and video.
  • The rules for tour operators.
    Dear tour operators and tourist programs organizers!
    Museum and Exhibition Сenter of JSC Apatit (hereinafter referred as the Center) provides free services for all visitors and therefore does not enter into formal contractual relations with various institutions.
    In order to avoid misunderstanding during the cooperation we inform you of the following:
    - you can include a visit to the Center in the program but you must inform your customers about the absence of entrance and tour fees;
    - the program of your tour should clearly states that the Center is corporate museum of the Group Companies PhosAgro and does not charge for admission and tour services;
    - tours conducted exclusively by the guides of the Center according to the schedule and Center rules.

The Center authority has the right to shift or cancel admission in case of force majeure and unforeseen circumstances subject to mandatory notification of the contact person on your part.

Director of the Center O.I.Kubareva.