Hall 4. The Khibiny Massif

Сollected rocks and minerals from different parts of the Khibiny massif are represented here. Geologically the Khibiny is a multiphase intrusive massif having formed 350 million years ago. It consists of various nepheline syenites crystallized from magmas intruded on the conical fractures. There are about 600 minerals in the Khibiny out of 5000 world-known.

Here you will see the varieties of apatite, the samples of products manufactured from apatite-nepheline ore, rare and collectible minerals of the Khibiny. For example, gold Astrophyllite, raspberry Eudialyte (Lappish blood), dark red crystal Villiaumite.

The Khibiny is a storage for stunning minerals. Our collection is annually replenished with new samples.