The Research Center “GeoPractice”

The Research Center “GeoPractice” is and education project of the Museum and Exhibition Сenter Kirovsk Branch of JSC Apatit.
The Center “GeoPractice” was opened in 2019.
The main purpose of the project is to stimulate interest to natural sciences, career guidance and understandung the connection between technology, professions and the outside world.

The main idea is to scale information from greater things like the Earth structure to smaller ones like microworld of minerals and chemical elements. This approach can be of practical use combined with human knowledge on geology, mining and mineral resourses.

Director of Museum and Exhibition Center Kubareva O.I.

The project consisted of 3 phases:
1) Modernization of expositions by phygital technology
2) Creation of a laboratory for practical classes
3) Developing a course of scientific and practical classes

The course consists of theoretical and practical parts.
Each theoretical theme is followed by a practical class so you can consolidate new material.

How to pass the course “GeoPractice”.

Call (881531) 32-887 and make an individual schedule of classes.

Researchers of the project “GeoPractice” passing all the themes get certificates.