The world in a stone
с 3 March по 8 April

Lyudmila Sazykina has mastered the geologist’s profession at Geological institute of the Kola branch Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In the city of Apatity which has arisen and has grown on her eyes I became an artist.
She worked as the geologist-mineralogist. The samples collected in expeditions and tests of breeds and minerals were split up, diagnosed and studied. Times in congestions of these various grains guessed unusual plots. Lyudmila had had a desire to show to people beauty of the stone world. Natural minerals and breeds can be quite used like paints for creation of pictures. Moreover, in comparison with paints they have a number of advantages: natural colors are more natural and purer, shades are more various. Except color the artist can use gloss and a form of grains, their size.

The first picture has appeared in 1973, after long search. And it was necessary to study also the ordinary technician of painting. Gradually experience came, and professional knowledge of the mineralogist allowed to resolve almost at the intuitive level issues of an optimum combination of flowers, gloss, a form and the sizes of mineral grains most of which fully would answer the idea of the work.
Northern landscapes became the most favourite plots of Lyudmila: gloomy mountain gorges, boundless breadth of the tundra, silence of the northern wood, rest of night hours of polar day, fantastic declines and risings, magic of the polar lights, charm of lakes and rivers. She saw all this in expeditions across the Kola Peninsula and Karelia, on favourite fishing and in ski walks.

Marina Marochkina is Lyudmila Sazykina’s follower. Marina has repeatedly complicated and diversified initial technology of work with this material. One of the achievements considers a way of creation of pictures “from a pripolirovka”: for work at first the thin cut of the polished stone, and is glued then, from the drawing on the stone the picture plot in general is born.