с 3 March по 8 April

Photobotany is an exhibition of the scientific photo at which macrophotos of flowering plants, ferns, mushrooms and lichens are presented.

The high technical quality, realness, study of details of shape were the main criteria at selection of photos. In addition, for the majority of frames there are gerbarny models and data on the place and conditions of growth, as taking pictures with the scientific photo. The most part of objects has the small sizes which don’t exceed 10 cm, not to make out their detail without microscope, at the same time all of them are removed in the nature in the natural state and an environment.

Authors invite to get acquainted with some representatives of flora about which we still so know a little. All this “the vegetable background”, by close consideration, appears the whole Universe of various and surprising creations. These “fantastic creatures”, form the environment of our dwelling, our perception of landscapes in many respects depends on them.
Authors of an exhibition are professional botanists, research associates of the Polar and Alpine botanical garden institute of N.A. Avrorin and Institute of problems of industrial ecology of the North, members of the Russian botanical society.

The exhibition takes place with assistance of the Murmansk office of the Russian botanical society.