Live symbols of the Arctic
с 21 January по 25 February

North fauna, the Pomor and Saami folklore are only some of subjects, capaciously embodied in graphic works of Irina Sitdikova, the author of the Live Symbols of the Arctic exhibition.

Irina isn’t for the first time exposed in the Museum and exhibition center and every time it is possible to her to ship visitors in the mysterious, difficult, setting thinking and distract from daily occurrence world of the North.

Irina Vitalyevna Sitdikova is a graphic artist, member of the Union of artists of Russia. She was born in the Urals in Chelyabinsk region. Since 1981 she lives in Apatity. Since 1995 she is in creative association of artists of the cities of Apatity – Kirovsk “Gallery M”. Permanent participant of city, regional, interregional, All-Russian and international exhibitions.
Chairman of the Apatity office of society “Friends of Finland”.

“The artist doesn’t seek to poeticize the nature. He is poetry, a source of wisdom and inspiration and it is never hostile to the person”.