East Sayan's dreams
с 3 December по 15 January

The landscapes and genre pictures made during the expedition in Okinsky district of East Sayan in July-August, 2013 will form the exhibition.

Couple of words from the author, Kirill Ivanov:

“Around 33 shades green, is a little gray and brown is when it is raining. When the sun rises absolutely different situation is, and thoughts are cleaner.

It was in the summer of 2013 in Huzhirsky geological group on East Sayan. Geologists from Rosgeofizika looked for ore gold, and we went with them as route workers and sometimes, as required, as mountain guides.

Two months of taiga, streams, swamps, ridges and taluses on which so long and sadly to rise, but sometimes it is possible to go down quickly. Horses, chipmunks, mosquitoes and graylings. Cedars and bear traces. And two months we had dreams every night.

Purity of these places. Horse tracks along the main valleys, rare campfires. Buryats protect the hunting lands: it is necessary for them. Higher on slopes – it is unknown whether there was who. Or, maybe, once … Time has stopped there for a long time. But at a civilization in these mountains the interests: gold and nephrite. And already on the valley of the river Saylag pull a rover. By the time of the exhibition, probably, will pass across places which you will see in photos. By the treasured lake on the pass further, in Ara-Saylag … And the rover is smaller of the evils.

The world changes – and it is his immutable law. In space of memory and in photos there are images to which to realities often any more not to return. But we live here and now, and this moment not worse lived then at all. I trust in it.”