New Year's toys of our childhood
с 3 December по 15 January

Saitova Olga Nikolaevna was born in the Tver region of Nelidovsky district. She arrived to Kirovsk in 1985. Today Olga collects the Christmas tree decorations made at the time of the USSR.

In the beginning she collected only glass figures. Olga asked colleagues, relatives, acquaintances, advertized in newspapers, many people gave toys almost for nothing. Olga Nikolaevna is grateful to all these people, and in particular the neighbor Svetlana and the acquaintance Galina for their contribution such hobby.

Two years ago Olga has offered advanced computer-based techniques and was surprised how many keen people she managed to be found Christmas tree decorations of times of the USSR in the Internet!

Many people consider such hobby strange, and don’t understand for what it is necessary to collect Christmas tree decorations, however Olga considers this hobby very interesting, fascinating, she is dipped into the world of the childhood with a smell of needles and tangerines which in Soviet period were deficiency, expectations of a miracle and the fairy tale in an environment of relatives.

The collection is so big that toys are enough for decoration of several fir-trees. By recent calculation of Christmas tree decorations Olga has about 2 thousand toys!