Opening the world
с 4 November по 28 November

The art exhibition “Opening the World” from Akvarel studio.

The Akvarel studio for adults exists since 2006. People of different age and different professions which couldn’t or haven’t managed to study the fine arts in youth are engaged, but have decided to realize the internal need for creativity.

The teacher of the highest qualification category of art office of DShI of A.S. Rozanova Mezentseva Aleksandra Ivanovna conducts with the beginning of formation of studio of occupation in it.

Training in studio is based taking into account specific features of each pupil irrespective of age. As a result everyone works at own speed, taking into account the personal opportunities and objectives. The studio is creative. Members of “Akvarel” are participants of many exhibitions, in particular, of annual exhibitions of studios of the cities of Kirovsk and Apatity passing by tradition in the fall in Gallery “M” Apatity. There have in addition taken place many exhibitions in the Central city library to them.