Yet ink hasn't dried
с 4 November по 28 November

Artists of Tyubik studio invite you to get acquainted with the world of the Chinese painting of Gokhua.

Plum have battled against snow in the spring, but won isn’t present.
Having postponed a brush, having removed paper, the poet looks at fight.
Snow surpasses the blossoming plum by pure whiteness,
But wins by aroma of plum against snow-covered color!
Liu Meipo

Traditional Chinese painting of Gokhua is an interlacing of a calligraphy, poetry, painting and special technology of transfer of the image.
In spite of the fact that in the Chinese painting there are same genres, as in European, wildlife is the main hero of all cloths. Even the still life habitual to the European is represented differently as motionless objects, from the point of view of the Chinese, are torn off from reality therefore fruit are always represented on a branch, and near a jug or a basket the Chinese artist will write a live plant, the bird pecking a worm, etc.

The Chinese painting is inseparably linked with a calligraphy. Artists use the same linear way of the letter, materials and tools: rice paper or silk, brushes, mineral paints and ink.
In painting of China there are two main styles – gunb (the translation – “a careful brush”) and sei (the translation – “idea expression”). The pictures executed in style this are presented at this exhibition.