15 years in the focus
с 9 September по 18 October

Jybilee of photoclub Seid!

It unites people of the different professions in the love to the photo. The main structure of club, his veterans, is Nikolay Smolyak (the chairman of a photoclub, the member of the Union of pictorialists of Russia), Sergey Hitrov (a newspaper photographer, the member of the Union of journalists), Tatyana Kuzmina (a newspaper photographer in the past, and nowadays permanent head of a photographic studio Rakord at the House of Children’s Creativity in Apatity), Lyubov Chumakova. The club regularly joins the ranks. Talented young people – Olga Akhmetova and Yury Yashchenko, Marina Harchenko and Denis Languyev and others have so come.

The main objective of club is promoting of the photo in our city, in our country. “Sied” regularly exposes the works at club and personal photo exhibitions in Apatity and Kirovsk, Monchegorsk and Murmansk, Polyarnye Zori. Participates in regional, All-Russian and international projects, competitions and photo salons. Members of a photoclub repeatedly took high places and became owners of prestigious awards on photo salons and exhibitions.