Small world of the big photo
с 9 September по 18 October

Small world of the big photo.
The author of the photo exhibition is Alina Kravchenko (Zalesskikh)

Alina have been photographing kids for 7 yeatd. And here is the photo in Newborn style!

In May 2017 Alina has successfully completed a course in SPB on shooting of newborns, and has understood – that it is such type of shooting with which the person either falls in love, or promises for the rest of life that never will be engaged in it. Alina has fallen in love.

The author practices, develops and just adores these tiny kids. This is very responsible, disturbing and incredibly fascinating occupation!

Alina wants this type of shooting to became more popular in our city, there is a wish to inform of all value and importance of those of moments which stiffen on a photo parents.