The fairy-tales of northern sky
с 23 July по 31 August

Grigory Ilyin was born on March 12, 1987 in Kirovsk, Murmansk region. He is married and has a daughter.img#2428
Due to the location of the city among the polar Khibiny Mountains, Grigory had a desire to take photos and to research the environment from school age. The photographer started with film cameras. He had been studying under his friends and books. In 10th grade, he had participated in a city photo contest where he won an Audience Choice Award for the first time. Since then he won many awards on different photo contests. img#2429
In 2009 Grigory graduated from Petrozavodsk State University, Faculty of Information Technologies and Applied Mathematics. However, the affection to the photography led him to television. He had been working as an operator for several years, after as a regular photographer for a large mining company. Then half a year ago Grigory had moved to Reutov.
The majority of the landscapes’ photos was made nighttime. Firstly, because of the day employment, secondly, because of the singularity of the environment. In summer, when the sun does not set under the horizon, it is possible to take photos of the mountains in warm sunset light for lots of hours. In wintertime, when the sun is not seen at all, it is possible to enjoy the dances of a polar light on the sky.img#2430
With this exhibition, the author wants to share with the beauty of the native land and to invite everyone to the Khibiny Mountains to see the magnificence of the nature with your own eyes.