Nature’s Harmony
с 23 July по 31 August

Lyubov Buzdugan was born on April 12, 1938 in Moldova. After school she had graduated from Beltsk music school and the courses for the heads of amateur performances. The labor way of the artist began in the city of Kalarash (Moldova) where she had been working as an inspector of culture department.
In 1968 Lyubov Buzdugan arrived to Murmansk. She had been working as a bayan player-accompanist in Portovik Club and a graphic designer in Officers’ Club.img#2427
But the artist’s position in 90s had been reduced. She had a bunch of spare time. Then Lyubov started painting. It was the beginning of a new life!
The first personal exhibition of Lyubov Buzdugan had taken place in Sudoremontnik Club, within the presentation of the ship-repair plant No. 1. Positive reviews had inspired her for further creativity. Her works became much-in-demand for private collections among the residents of Murmansk.img#2426
Lyubov Buzdugan has more than twenty personal exhibitions on her account. More than 2000 canvases had been painted by her. The works of the artist are constantly being awarded with diplomas and audience awards.
The opening of another exhibition of Lyubov Buzdugan “Nature’s Harmony” took place on July 23, 2017 in our Museum and Exhibition Center.