The joy of creativity
с 23 April по 31 May

The “Joy of Creativity” exhibition of the art studio “Tubik” will be open in Museum and Exhibition Center on April 23.

The studio is created by famous Kirovsk artist Marina Borisova in 2012 based on the city House of culture. The studio has been working since 2014.
Tubik studio is a live, growing, looking for, gaining strength organism, which unites the adults working in different spheres: medicine, education, science. For each student of studio, the introduction with the world of painting is a real event of adulthood; many of them have even no art school under the belt.img#2551

What leads adults, successful men into the world of art? Each of Marina Borisova’s students answered this question more than once. It is an opportunity to express yourself, realization of an old dream, a peculiar art therapy and the opportunity to communicate to adherents.

Some students have already chosen their favorite art technique; some students are trying graphics, watercolor, acrylic painting and Chinese painting goku.

All the paintings are created with a big enthusiasm that fills them with energy of sunlight, optimism and the real JOY of CREATIVITY.img#2552