Tame a second
с 7 June по 16 July

June 6, 2017-July 16, 2017 you are able to see the exhibition “Tame a second” within the “White Chamaenerion” art festival in the showroom of Museum and Exhibition Center. Its participants are Alexander Hromykh (St. Petersburg), Grigory Kozenyuk (St. Petersburg), Vasilyeva Anna (St. Petersburg), Tatyana Permyakova (St. Petersburg), Flerko Irina (St. Petersburg), Utkina Ekaterina (St. Petersburg), Kalistratova Yana (Moscow), Alexander Perminov (St. Petersburg), Novikov Anton (St. Petersburg), Kosheleva Anastasia (Zhukovsky), Yelizarova Natalya (Kirovsk).img#2546img#2545

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