28 March

Important part of PhosAgro group of companies is JSC Y.V. Samoylov Scientific Research Institute on Fertilizers and Insectofungicide. This department is responsible for group innovations – development of new technologies in production of the phosphoric fertilizers and improvement existing systems.

NIUIF has been created on September 12, 1919 for the solution of one of the most important problems of that time – creation in the country the base of phosphatic raw materials and the industry of mineral fertilizers. Famous scientists of that time were appointed to manage the institute. The director of institute and the head of mining-and-geological department became professor Yakov Vladimirovich Samoylov (the institute bears his name to this day), technological department had headed the academician Ergard Viktorovich Britske, agrochemical department – the academician Dmitry Nikolaevich Pryanishnikov (1).

Productive cooperation of «Apatite» and NIUIF has begun at the very beginning of “the Khibiny assault”, in the 1930th years. Together with the staff of «Apatite» trust group of scientific NIU (so then NIUIF was called) were engaged in research activities for industrial use of apatite. Vigorous efforts of enthusiasts of “apatite business” have helped to resolve a problem of production of high-quality superphosphate from Khibiny raw materials. Not only an opportunity, but also big technical and economic feasibility of processing of an apatite concentrate to superphosphate of high quality have been proved. (2)

Really, at first activity of institute has been concentrated on geological exploration of reserves of phosphatic raw materials, search of ways of its enrichment and processing. Experts of NIU resolved the problems which had key value for development of a mining and chemical complex in the Khibiny Mountains. The staff of institute repeatedly visited the Kola Peninsula and the solution of the problem of receiving an apatite concentrate, phosphorus electrosublimation have made a powerful contribution in “, actively participated in the course of input in the industry of new Soviet raw materials” (3).

_Employees of NIU in Khibiny Mountains

The famous employee of Apatit trust Grigory Stepanovich Pronchenko has been cast closely in the lot with Scientific institute on fertilizers too. Grigory, being the 29-year-old graduate student of NIU, have arrived to the Belaya Station in June, 1929. With group of colleagues from Pronchenko’s institute, he have begun cleaning of an ore body of ore. Young, cheerful Grigory kept up everywhere. Later, working at laying of the first borehole, he wrote in the diary: “How much energy and work has been spent for installation of this boring , it is spilled sweat and acquired callosities on hands of workers and technical personnel – only the party of intelligence agents of NIU knows about it”. This quote perfectly illustrates a contribution of staff of institute to development of the Hibinsky field (4).

_Young and talented Grigory Pronchenko is the graduate student of NIU, in a consequence the specialist of the «Apatitе» trust
In the next years Y.V. Samoylov NIUIF was actively developed . And since the beginning of the 21st century the institute became a part of PhosAgro group of companies, one of the leading producers of phosphorus-containing fertilizers in the world. Thus, KB JSC Apatit and NIUIF are a part of one production structure today and continue close interaction which has begun in the 1930th years.

Today NIUIF is responsible for innovations of PhosAgro group of companies

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