Conference of the Kirovsk Archive "After the October Revolution. Events and Fates in the History of the Kola North"

On October 20 Museum and Exhibition Center hosted Scientific-Practical Conference of the Murmansk Region State Archive in Kirovsk “After the October Revolution. Events and Fates in the History of the Kola North”, devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

The meeting was opened by the chairman of the Murmansk Region IT and Communications Development Committee Timur Lapin. After warm welcome words to the audience he awarded a diploma to Yana Shemelova, the participant of the contest “The Young Archivist”.

Scientists, local historians, journalists, arhive and museum specialists presented their reports. All spheres of the country life in that critical period of Russian history were covered: speakers touched on the themes of politics, economics, science and education in the postrevolutionary period, great attention was paid to the persons who left their mark in the history of the Kola region. The listeners learned new facts about life and activity of Kirov, Alymov, Prudov, Shackleton.

All the reports without exeption met response among audience, a lot of questions were asked and heated discussions took place.

The event was held in a friendly atmosphere and gathered enthusiastic experts of the native land.

At the end of the meeting the participants of the conference visited the Museum and Exhibition Center exposition “Everyday Life and Customs of the Russian Empire”.

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